Your Netflix recommendations suck. These tools will improve them

I’ve got a bad Netflix habit. Whenever I open the app, I scroll for ages before finding nothing substantial and rewatching shows I already love.

Even when I search for specific keywords on Netflix, I don’t get appropriate results. All in all, disappointment galore. So, I decided that I needed to stop relying on Netflix for recommendations and build my own watchlist. Wasting my time scrolling should be a thing of the past.

With this in mind, I created a guide on enhancing your Netflix experience. Before we start, I’d like to point out that this process might force you to spend a bit of time on your laptop or desktop, but it’s worth investing now, rather than wasting future hours browsing.

Netflix’s My List sucks. IMDb is your friend

If I wanted to make a Christmas wish, it would be Netflix adding a playlist feature to its platform. Currently, it just has one dumb function called ‘My list’ — and all you can do is just add or remove titles from it. There’s no way you can differentiate movies, TV shows, and documentaries you want to watch.

Rather than relying on that, you can use IMDb instead. This allows you to create lists across genres and languages. So you can have something like “LGBTQ movies” or “Foreign language comedies.”

To make a list, go to IMDb, and sign in. Next, hover over your profile, and click on ‘Your Lists.’