Your childhood dreams aren’t dead yet: NASA needs more astronauts

Your childhood dreams may have been crushed, but NASA has offered hope that they could yet be fulfilled.

According to a new report discovered by, the space agency may soon need more astronauts — and you could be one of them. Possibly.

The report reveals that NASA’s astronaut corps has shrunk from nearly 150 people to just 44. As the agency prepares to send humans to the Moon and Mars, officials are concerned that this cadre is too small.

These concerns have been bubbling for some time. In March 2020, NASA announced that it needed new explorers to cover its expanding range of missions.

The space agency is yet to launch its next recruitment drive, but it’s only a matter of time before the job ads are posted.

I’m already dusting off my resume and rewatching Armaggedon in preparation for my interview. I’ve also been forensically analyzing NASA’s astronaut requirements to give you a chance of joining me.

A changing role

NASA’s job requirements have been changed drastically since the first astronauts were recruited in 1959.

That could be to your advantage. Many of today’s space cadets wouldn’t have stood a chance back then.

All seven of the original candidates were military test pilots, a requirement President Eisenhower introduced to simplify the selection process.