You can add your COVID vaccination certificate to the Apple Wallet… but should you?

The modern world hurts my brain. Let’s take the news that Apple enables users to store their COVID vaccination certificates in the Wallet and Health apps as an example.

When I first heard about it, I was pumped. Flashing my QR code to enter a restaurant or grab a coffee would be far simpler if it sat in my Apple Wallet. Friends, the time I’d save!

But, of course, the world had something to say about that.

While putting my digital certificate of vaccination in an easy-to-access place is cool… is it safe? And because I can do it, does that mean I should?

Something that seemed simple on the surface is actually a minefield. I wanted some clarity on this issue.

While American users can do so already, it’ll most likely be in April when iOS 15.4 drops that people in Europe will be able to put their corona vaccine certificates into the Apple Wallet. I wanted to know where I stood beforehand, so I got in touch with some security and privacy experts to try and make sense of it all.

Strangely, a number declined to comment, with one of them saying the topic was a “hornet’s nest.”

Thankfully, John Fokker — Head of Cyber Investigations at Trellix — was more than happy to talk to me and shine some much needed light on the issue.