Will we still worry about the damn chip shortage in 2022?

If that iPhone, PlayStation 5, or new you car you ordered was delayed in the last two years, blame the global chip shortage.

The issue started last year, the COVID-19 pandemic, shut down of the factories, high demand of work from home gadgets, and a bunch of other factors like the US-China trade war, caused gadget makers and car companies to fumble to get chips needed to produce their marquee offerings.

This resulted in delayed shipments and feature slashing from Apple, BMW, Sony, and Nissan.

The chip shortage continued in 2021, and it hasn’t ended yet. In this story, we’ll take a look at what companies, industry experts, and analysts say about the issue going into 2022.

Phones, PCs, and other personal devices

This was a crappy year for gadget makers. Apple lost more than $6 billion in the quarter ending in September, and $3 billion in the quarter before that. Xiaomi experienced flat revenue in the September quarter because of the chip shortage.