Why don’t our cars talk to our smart home?

When I first started writing about IoT in 2013, device makers promised a world where IoT would seamlessly facilitate a machine-to-machine connection between the smart gadgets in our lives, including our smart home.

Made possible by machine learning, our devices would become instinctual in the way they spoke to each other and responsive — with no human interaction.

One of the most significant examples touted at the time was car-to-smart home solutions. In this concept, our car and home would join forces to make our lives easier by learning our routines and increasing our comfort, being able to anticipate our needs before we know what we want. 

Well, I think we’re still waiting for this magical time when devices are “smart” instead of simply “connected.”

What’s happened in the space, and why have so few promises failed to translate to action? Let’s explore this further.

We’ve been promised car-smart home automation but given little