Why Doesn’t the Republican Establishment Understand the Meaning of Betrayal

The nice thing about a crisis–you quickly learn who are your enemies and who are your trusted friends. The theft of the 2020 Presidential Election by the Democrats, Big Tech and foreign governments (with China playing a leading role) is a dark cloud with a silver lining. We now know that you cannot and should not trust the Republican Party. Period.
The failure to challenge the election fraud starts, I am sad to say, with Donald Trump. He failed to do what needed to be done to put up a fight. The day after the steal he should have convened a crisis management teams and set up a 24/7 operation. He did not do that. He should have put together a legal team that should have coordinated the collection and presentation of evidence. He did not do that. Instead, there were at least four separate legal efforts (Team Rudy, Team Sidney, Team Phil Klein and Team Lin Wood) working essentially in isolation without a coordinated plan of attack. There should have been one 800 number for whistleblowers and witnesses to call. There was not.

The most glaring omission was the lack of a daily war room brief on the evidence. The President should have been out front every day presenting the evidence and demanding an investigation. He was strangely silent for great periods of time. He ceded the counter propaganda war to his enemies and they beat him bloody.
Let me be clear about my feelings for President Trump. Despite massive disorganization and terrible personnel decisions, he is a man who told the truth, kept most of his promises and genuinely worked for the welfare of the American people rather than scheming to figure out how to enhance his own wealth. History will record President Trump as one of the most consequential, decent Presidents in American history. He did not  start new wars, he brought old wars and lingering conflicts to an end and he improved the economic standing of most Americans.

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But he failed on two key points in the aftermath of the election fraud. First, he failed to keep his promise to release the classified information that would prove beyond any doubt the role that the CIA, the FBI and the Brits (not to mention the Democrats) in trying to sabotage his Presidency and conduct a silent coup. Second, he failed to force the hand of Republican leaders in the immediate aftermath of the election to stand up and speak out in his defense. You can count on two hands the number of members of the House and the Senate who demanded answers on the fraud. Here again, deafening silence for many days while the Dems and their media allies hammered away with the fiction that this was a clean election free of foreign interference.
Which brings me to Benedict Arnold. We now can speak with certainty about the perfidy of Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton. Only 12 Republican Senators had the stones to step up and challenge the false numbers from the Electoral College. We at least know that Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz know the meaning of being true to their oaths. I will not forget. Like the Elephant, which stands as the ostensible symbol of the Republican Party, I have a long memory.

The Republican Party should drop the Elephant and replace it with a RHINO, but drop the “H”. The bulk of the Republican establishment are not conservatives and they are not patriots. They are crass opportunists keen only on feathering their own nests and shying away from taking a principled stand.
Forget about writing to your Senator or Representative. Most of that is a waste of time. The only thing that can make a difference with these cats is to hit them in the pocketbook. If you are a registered Republican, then you should de-register immediately. Unsubscribe from every solicitation you get to contribute money to the Republicans and the so-called conservative groups that beg for your dollars promising to fight.
The fact is the Republicans raised a shit-load of money this last go round and for what purpose? Did they hire poll watchers and have lawyers on the hook to immediately challenge nefarious activity? Not really. It was a weak effort. Did they proactively anticipate countering the corrupt manipulations in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix or Detroit? No. If you are going to give any money to anyone demand to know how they intend to use it.
I was taken in by the desperate calls for help from Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. I stupidly believed they were in danger of being swamped and kicked in some bucks to help beat back the Blue Wave. Boy, did they fool me. Both won going away and now sight on some fat retirement accounts they can take with them when they finally decide to pull their snouts from the feeding trough that is the pig sty we know as Washington, DC.
The last straw was today. Mitch McConnell, a craven, corrupt snake, falsely accused President Trump of inciting a riot. Trump did no such thing but leave to a dishonest cretin like McConnell to engage is such villainous slander. I don’t know if Trump will forgive him, but I don’t I will remember.

The plan now, on the part of the Swamp, is to declare every Trump supporter a terrorist and an insurrectionist. But we did not tear down statues of American heroes. Antifa and BLM did that. We did not attack the police and call for them to be defunded or fried like bacon. Antifa and BLM did that. We did not burn and loot the business centers of dozens of America’s major cities. Antifa and BLM did that.
And what have Republican leaders done? They condemn you, anyone who dares to continue to express support for Donald Trump, as a domestic terrorist. And when there was ample cause to call out the real terrorists–Antifa and BLM–many of the Republican leaders cowered and kept silent.
At least now we know. There are still a few brave Republican souls–Hawley, Cruz, Gaetz, Jordan, Paul, to name a few–but they are being attacked viciously for the audacity of standing up and fighting for the Constitution. We need  to stand with them. We can start by using the Democrat mantra employed against Donald Trump–Joe Biden is not my President. And we can make sure they understand that, when it comes to Trump’s supporters, the Republican Party is not my Party.

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