We’re saved! 6th grader: ‘I chose to create a nonprofit organization to help stop climate change’ – ‘There’s bad weather’

JENKS, Okla — A Jenks East Intermediate student has big ambitions to help stop climate change.
She took on the challenge after her teacher encouraged each student in her 6th-grade class to take on a project that would change the world.
A 6th-grade social studies teacher at Jenks East Intermediate is challenging her students to do a project on a topic that interests them, but it has to be something they’ve never been involved in before.
One ambitious student took her project as far as contacting us to get the word out about what she is doing.
“I chose to create a nonprofit organization to help stop climate change,” Nyla Tripathy, a 6th-grade student at Jenks East Intermediate, said.
Nyla Tripathy was inspired by her social studies teacher to start her nonprofit. She’s calling it the climate crew.
“When we had this project I was like “oh my gosh, I need to do climate change because that’s what really need to be taken seriously right now.”
While it’s in its infancy and she has until May to complete the project, she has big aspirations already.
She is working on flyers and a website to share how people can make a change.
“I am listing like carpooling because if there’s less cars on the streets there’s less bad gases in the Earth’s atmosphere,” Tripathy said. “I want to plant trees around the highways where gas emissions are high and recycling because that’s a big one. It just helps so much.”
Although this is only a class project, she wants to take it further.
“I want to keep continuing because climate change needs to be a serious topic and it needs to be raised as awareness.”
She feels she can be the one who raises awareness.
With that said, she has a message for those reading this story.
“Just look at the world around us right now. There’s bad weather. There’s stuff in our waterways that are not supposed to be there. There’s bad gasses and there’s so many pollutants. Just look at the world right now and I would hope that would convince them,” Tripathy said.
Nyla says she believes every person can do their part to help even if it’s just a little.
She also tells me getting involved in this project has shown her what she loves to do.
And she has her teacher to thank for that.

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