Wearing TCL’s new smart glasses is like strapping a giant monitor to your face

Smart glasses are now dime a dozen, but there are very few that you can buy and even fewer that have an attractive use case. TCL’s new NXTWEAR AIR glasses could be one of them.

The most appealing feature of the pair is projecting a 140-inch virtual screen in front of your eyes, to privately watch whatever you like with a movie-theater experience. Think of it as your personal projector you can move around with. However, there are no AR features, so don’t expect any of that trickery.

The company launched the first-gen glasses, called the NXTWEAR G, last year. But they were clunky looking and uncomfortable to wear.  The newest iteration of the device looks like a regular pair of sunglasses and weighs just 75 grams — down from 130 grams of its predecessors. That makes my head feel lighter already.