“We Safely and Effectively Drew Down” in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Friday said we “safely and effectively” drew down in Afghanistan.
13 US servicemembers died and many more were wounded in a suicide blast in Kabul because of Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal.

“For the first time in 20 years there are no US troops in harms way in Afghanistan this holiday season,” Sullivan said during remarks before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). “We safely and effectively drew down our diplomatic presence. We lifted tens of thousands of vulnerable Afghans to safety in a unique American example of capacity, commitment and sheer logistics.”

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Jake Sullivan: “We safely and effectively drew down” in Afghanistan.
Absolutely falsepic.twitter.com/YMw1EBpbqn
— Benny (@bennyjohnson) December 17, 2021

And by lifting Afghans to safety in a unique American example of capacity, Sullivan is referring to the Afghans that plunged to their death:

Afghan refugee falls from plane pic.twitter.com/tvZ4MloakS
— Kaféu (@sallambo7) August 16, 2021

These heroes were unavailable for comment:

image by DiscloseTV

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