Violent Leftist Alec Baldwin Claims He Dreams of Seeing President Trump Hang

Another violent Democrat is dreaming of violent things.  Washed up actor Alec Baldwin claims he is dreaming of hanging President Trump.  Baldwin is part of the liberal gang that labels God and America-loving patriots violent.
Breitbart reported yesterday:

In yet another inciting tweet from left-wing celebrities, far-left actor Alec Baldwin chose civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to describe a “dream” he had which included a noose hanging outside of a courthouse during President Donald Trump’s “sedition” trial…

Baldwin tweeted his dream of hanging President Trump and his following agreed:

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That’s all of our dream.
— Iron Maiden Rulezzz (@Mike_Saenz) January 16, 2021

Democrats are scary. They vote to kill babies after being born. They adore fascists and communist regimes. They hate Americans who love the USA and dream about hanging them.  Then they accuse you of being a violent fascist.

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