US Futuristic Guided Missile Destroyer that Cost $4 Billion and Was Commissioned in 2016 Is Already Covered in Rust

The USS Zumwalt, a futuristic guided-missile destroyer that cost American taxpayers $4 billion, is already rusting.The Zumwalt was commissioned in 2016.
Via Russia Today.

USS ‘Zumwalt’, a futuristic guided missile destroyer with superior stealth capabilities that cost American taxpayers some $4 billion, is rusting, new photos have revealed.
State-of-the-art stealth tech provides ‘Zumwalt’ with a radar cross-section similar to a fishing boat despite the ship’s length of 190 meters. But even this couldn’t conceal a rust problem with the vessel, which was commissioned in 2016 and has yet to be put in service.

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Photos uploaded on social media earlier this week showed some of the destroyer’s radar-absorbent tiles changing color to dark orange and rust covering the vessel’s convex tumblehome hull.

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) Zumwalt-class guided missile destroyer coming into San Diego – December 9, 2021 #usszumwalt #ddg1000
* photos courtesy of @cjr1321
— WarshipCam (@WarshipCam) December 10, 2021

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