UK PM Boris Johnson all in for Great Reset: Promotes ‘Build Back Better’ to ‘create a fairer, greener & more prosperous future’

By: Marc Morano – Climate DepotJanuary 17, 2021 9:11 AM

I look forward to welcoming world leaders to Cornwall for the @G7 Summit in June.
My goal is to work with our friends and partners to #BuildBackBetter from the coronavirus pandemic and create a fairer, greener and more prosperous future. #G7UK
— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) January 17, 2021

The PM now promotes the WEF ‘build back better’ line. Like other countries, our politicians are captured. They have crushed freedom & democracy to deliver a global agenda we never chose. But the real message here is power. He’s telling you & there is nothing you can do about it.
— Aldous Nous (@bravenew_orwell) January 17, 2021

The ‘Great Reset’: Rule by Unelected ‘Experts’ – COVID-Climate Technocracy has arrived – ‘The danger of letting lab coats run the world’ – Special Report

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