Twitter Bans Project Veritas Operative As Fauci is Being Grilled by Senators About Newly Released Military Documents

Twitter on Tuesday nuked one of the only Project Veritas accounts left after the social media company banned James O’Keefe and his main “Project Veritas” account.
Eric Spracklen’s Twitter account was banned during Dr. Fauci’s testimony to the Senate Health Committee.

Project Veritas on Monday evening released never before seen military documents regarding the origins of Covid-19, gain-of-function research, vaccines, potential treatments and the government’s effort to conceal everything.

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Eric Spracklen tweeted the viral video on Monday night.
By Tuesday morning Twitter banned Mr. Spracklen as GOP Senators (and medical doctors) Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Rand Paul confronted Fauci.

Fauci’s hands were shaking uncontrollably as Senator Marshall him over the new Project Veritas report.
Senator Rand Paul also ripped into Dr. Fauci on Tuesday and exposed him for being a political hack.

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