TNW’s SHIFT reporters share their favorite mobility stories in 2021

As you can imagine, mobility is a massive sector – it’s everything from cars to ebikes to trains and buses.

 Here at Shift, we’re keen to cover the lot, as well as topics like battery innovation, renewable energy (particularly solar and hydrogen), and EV charging.

Emerging mobility solutions like hyperloops, eVTOLs, autocycles, and hovercrafts make us look forward to the future. Technology moves fast, and we strive to create explainers into the use of AI, blockchain, and metaverse in the mobility space.

We also like to make space for fun and entertainment, ridicule Elon Musk every now and then, and cover the latest vehicles from auto shows and product launches. 

However, writing can be hit and miss. Sometimes we spend ages writing something only to have a less than stellar reception.

Or a piece will unexpectedly get likes and shares, seemingly out of nowhere (thanks, Reddit).

In the current era of digital journalism, statistics matter to help us guide our priorities in bringing you news and articles that are interesting, informative, engaging, and inspiring.

But, we also write at mobility because we like writing: we like talking to people, we like working on an angle and researching. We like thinking about what’s not being said… So the team here at SHIFT is sharing some of the favorite mobility stories we wrote in 2021. Take a read, and feel free to share them among your networks!

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COP26 is a mobility shit show

9. Is a $4,500 tax credit for union-built EVs unfair or proactive?

mobility funding and subsidies

cargo bikes as alternative mobility

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