TNW’s favorite gadgets under $50 will make you a gifting pro

Holidays are around the corner, so I am spending a lot of time on ecommerce websites to search for gifts.

It’s natural that you don’t want to spend too much money on everyone. You might give your partner a $700 phone, but you might want to cap that limit for a friend you meet once in a while.

So to help you out with cheap gifts, we decided to put out a list of our favorite tech purchases under $50. Don’t worry, cheap doesn’t mean bad. These are some of the best value for money choices, and your friends would thank you for ages.

Here’s what we’ve got:

The pandemic, bad mental health, and endless doom scrolling made me a couch potato in the last few months. I wasn’t really motivated to start full-blown workouts again. But I said to myself that I could at least start with walking in the neighborhood to play with cats and dogs while reaching my daily goal of steps.

So I needed a fitness band that I can rely on for step count and basic calorie tracking. Enter the Mi Band 6. I’ve used the previous generation bands in the series, including the Mi Band 5 and the Mi Band 4 — and I really liked them for the price.