This futuristic EV promises a mind-melting 1,000km range

The 2021 Lucid Air shook up the EV market with its whopping 837km range, but now there’s a new player in town with an even higher number: the Norwegian company Fresco Motors. 

Meet the Fresco XL

Let’s start with the most impressive spec: the Fresco XL is slated to come with a single charge range of 1,000km. That’s enough to get you from Amsterdam to Paris — and back.

According to the company, this has been made possible thanks to the vehicle’s aerodynamic trims and extra-large battery pack. Hence the car’s name, I guess. 

What exactly does an extra-large battery pack mean, you ask? We reached out to Fresco to find out and will update the article if we receive a response.

One thing the company did reveal though is the battery will be double stacked on the car’s dual electric motors (placed on each axle), facilitating the 1,000km range. 

EV 1,000 km range

An all-rounder

Don’t get fooled by the car’s minimalist exterior. It’s actually an eight-seater sedan, designed to perform as an all-weather, off-roader as well. 

The dual motors function to provide grip and traction on icy roads, it features all-wheel drive (AWD), and can be transformed into a camper by pulling down the passenger seats. 

Plus, you can hook it up to your house and use it as a backup energy storage unit in case of a power failure — how cool is that?

EV 1.000km range

Is it a pod or a car?

Interestingly, the company itself describes the Fresco XL not as a car, but as a pod. And, aesthetically, I can see why, especially when you compare it to something like this from Project Insight:


But, in a more real sense, the Fresco XL is still definitely a car.

In my mind, it isn’t trying to be pod-like, more following the design of futuristic spaceship-looking cars, like the Teorema and the Cadillac InnerSpace.

Whatever you think of the aesthetics, Fresco seems to have an impressive vehicle here — on paper at least. We’re still yet to see if the production-ready version will bring what’s promised to the table. Sometimes there’s a big gap between what EV-makers believe they can do, and what they actually can.

You can already pre-order it on the company’s website, and, yes, it comes with an impressive price tag as well: $114,330.

And if you’re hungry for some more information about the Fresco XL? Well, we’ll leave you with this reveal video:

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