‘The Military Must Prepare Now for a 2024 Insurrection’

Three retired woke US Generals warned there could be a civil war and ‘another coup attempt’ after the 2024 presidential election because of a ‘politically divided military.’
Former Army Major General Paul Eaton, former Brigadier General Steven Anderson and former Army Major General Antonio Taguba made the claim in a Washington Post op-ed on Friday.

“As we approach the first anniversary of the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol, we – all of us former senior military officials – are increasingly concerned about the aftermath of the 2024 presidential election and the potential for lethal chaos inside our military, which would put all Americans at severe risk,” the generals wrote.
“We are chilled to our bones at the thought of a coup succeeding next time,” they added.

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The Generals claimed a divided military would cripple US security which could prompt any one of our enemies to attack.
“In this context, with our military hobbled and divided, US security would be crippled. Any one of our enemies could take advantage by launching an all-out assault on our assets or our allies,” they said.

The woke generals demanded all leaders of January 6 – including Trump – be harshly prosecuted and ‘brought to justice’ to prevent another so-called insurrection.
For the record, nobody involved in the January 6 protest has been charged with the Insurrection Act.
“The military and lawmakers have been gifted hindsight to prevent another insurrection from happening in 2024 – but they will succeed only if they take decisive action now,” they said.

Opinion | 3 retired generals: The military must prepare now for a 2024 insurrection https://t.co/IHiha4evhp
— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) December 19, 2021

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