The MacBook Pro turned 16 and it’s finally good again

It seems weird there was a time when the MacBook Pro didn’t exist. Apple’s most premium portable computer is an integral part of its lineup, something I associate with the company as much as the iPhone.

All things have to start somewhere though — and the MacBook Pro’s public life began on January 10, 2006.

It was at Macworld in San Francisco where Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s new computer, which was the spiritual successor to the PowerBook G4. The whole presentation is on YouTube, but you can watch it here:

Anyway, I’m not here today to deliver an exhaustive breakdown of the history of the MacBook Pro. Instead, I’m going to smash an allegory together in honor of the laptop’s storied history.

Dog years

We need to think about the age of tech differently. Even though the MacBook Pro is merely celebrating its sweet 16, it feels older. That’s why we need to equate the product with ageing beyond human standards.

You know, like dog years.

Rather than using the oft-quoted seven-to-one theory of our canine friends though, I propose that a MacBook Pro ages about twice as fast — meaning we’ll use a two-to-one ratio.

From its 2006 launch to about 2014 (ages zero to 16 in MacBook Pro years), we had a computer that was continually improving. There were some growing pains, sure, but nothing that couldn’t be handled.

Indeed, like many people in small towns, you could argue that the MacBook Pro peaked at 16 (eight human years) with its 20142015 Retina model.