The gadgets I don’t need, but my house MUST have

Last year, I wrote this piece about all the CES gadgets I NEEDED. Foolishly, I thought I’d visit the mega-show (or any other events) in 2022. But here I am, sitting in my home, and facing another lockdown.

Now I’ll be spending more time indoors, there’s only one thing that’ll soothe me: gadgets. So here’s a list of all the cool shit at CES 2022 that really want (but don’t really need).

Kohler’s PerfectFill

Last year, one of the costliest items on my list was a $16,000 bathtub from Kohler. This year, I’m picking a slightly more ‘affordable’ product from the company: PerfectFill.

This new offering can fill (or drain) your bathtub with just a voice command. You can use the app to choose your perfect temperature and level of water. PerfectFill comes with a drain kit and a digital value to measure these things.