The 5 weirdest things brain geniuses have turned into crypto miners

When can something bad also be used for good? The answer is crypto mining!  

Traditional crypto mining is notoriously resource-intensive with the annual carbon footprint of mining Bitcoin equivalent to that of countries like Argentina and Norway. But rest assured, companies are hard at work finding creative ways to mine crypto sustainably.

Further, because the creativity of people knows no bounds, it’s not just computers they have been mining crypto with. Oh, not at all. DIY hackers are turning all kinds of hardware into crypto mining machines and companies are finding ways to capture the energy generated in the process of crypto mining for other purposes.

And, for your amusement, here are some of the strangest examples:

Crypto mining Game Boy


Ahh, is there anything the humble RaspberryP i can’t do? An old-school Game Boy predates the commercial internet, meaning it doesn’t have the Wi-Fi to communicate with a bitcoin node. Therefore, a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller board attaches to the Game Boy’s link port, and a USB flash card is used to establish a connection to a BTC node running from his computer. Mario would approve.

Cryptomining on an Android phone

Hasan Aboul Hasan from H-educate has produced a really great plain language how-to video for anyone wanting to give crypto mining on their Android mobile a try.

You need to understand some basic coding — don’t worry, he provides the scripts — and to follow the instructions step by step. 

It walks you through determining if your software works with a CPU, creating a wallet, installing an Android miner, and getting started.