The 13 most what-the-fuck tweets of Elon Musk in 2021

I love Twitter. While some people type out carefully curated tweets, most of us write what we want as if no one’s reading. But you know we’re really hoping that someone will read it. Bonus points if it makes us laugh, think or feel. Here’s a couple of my favorites overnight:

I read Twitter every day and I love finding interesting things to read, topical news, stupid memes, and food for thought. And yes, like 66 million other people, I follow Elon Musk. It must be hard, you want to write about your favorite action movies, tunes, and comical memes, yet you’re also a one-person PR machine for your own company, Tesla.

While I dig in for news about Tesla and Space X, I can’t help noticing that Elon posts some really freaking weird, funny, and at times offensive stuff. I thought I’d show you just a few of my favorites from 2021. Buckle in:

The 14 tweets of Elon

  1. Remember the storming of the US Capitol building? That was in January!

2. You’ll notice Dogecoin is a frequent feature in tweets of Elon Musk:

3. I don’t get it but I’m sure you do:

4. I’m Australian, and I’ve visited the Tesla museum in Belgrade, this made me lol.

5. Did you watch it?

6. Ok, I’m actually a huge fan of Neuralink (I once met a guy who was designing a car that could be operated through a neural chip), and this is pretty mind blowing:

7. This is actually a pretty big commitment to sustainable cryptomining. Respect:

8. I think you’d call this a Gen X joke…or is it emo?

9. And, this one’s a dad joke…

10. That’s one way to recruit, ask people to apply, and forget to read their messages. We all know AI day was a Tesla recruitment show.

11. Tell me he DIDN’T make 80085 jokes with his calculator as a kid?

12. Using Twitter to decide if you should pay your taxes? I still think he should dedicate some money to public transport… Just sayin’…

13. Oh is it a rape whistle? That’ll come in handy when you’re sexually harassed at work…

14. I think that’s another Dad joke…

And who could forget?!

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