Stupid CES gadgets my home doesn’t need… but I must have them

Every year, I see people swarm the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — usually held in Las Vegas — along with tweets, videos, and articles about weird but fascinating gadgets.

I’ve never been to the CES in person, but the coronavirus pandemic forced the event to be virtual this year, and I could ‘attend’ the event for the first time. While CES is all about new gadgets with new standards such as Wi-Fi 6 and mini-LED, it’s also about crazy home devices.

I got to explore a lot of these devices through pitches in my inbox, a few articles, and tweets going around. So, here’s a list of devices, I don’t really need, but still want in my home. Some of these gadgets might have been shown in the previous CES editions, but I got to have a look at them just a few days ago.


I’m an extremely lazy person, and I feel every task in the morning is an insurmountable challenge. So, when I heard that a machine will brush my tweet in seconds without any effort from my end, I prepared a bag of money to give them at an undisclosed location.

The Y-Brush claims to brush your teeth in just 10 seconds. You just have to place your mouth in the device for five seconds to clean one side of your teeth, and then repeat the process for the other side.

The mouthpiece is adjustable, so you can shape it according to your mouth-fit. You can also apply any toothpaste you like.


Kohler’s smart bathroom

Do I want a bathtub that imitates a Japanse Spa? Yes. Do I have $16,000? No. But if I were a millionaire, I would be tempted to buy Kohler’s super expensive bathtub called the Stillness Bath.

The tub is super minimalistic and comes with wooden grates around it to absorb the outflowing water. Those wooden grates also help in creating a soothing sound. Plus, “the experience tower,” lets your manage lighting, create a fog, and add essential oils to make your bath better. The tub also supports voice assistant commands to let you set the water temperature and autofill the tub to the specified level.