So you’re buying an EV — how much range is enough?

If you’re considering buying an EV, I’m sure there’s a big question going around in your mind: how much range do I need? Will a cheaper model with lower range do its job or should you go the extra mile dollar and opt for a vehicle with, say, 300-400km?

The thing is, there isn’t a single correct answer, as the ideal range for any driver depends on a number of factors.

But, folks, don’t despair. I’m here to walk you through everything you need to know before you can make a well-estimated choice.

5 things you need to keep in mind

Your driving style

If you like driving at high speeds, you should know that this will impact your EV’s range. The faster you drive, the quicker the battery drains, because the electric motor has to do more work.

That’s also the case when you accelerate aggressively. In contrast, a slow build-up to acceleration coupled with a consistent speed rate will help your car drive longer on a single charge.

And here’s another question you need to ask yourself: how often do I use electric-powered features?

When you use the heating or cooling, for instance, you reduce the battery’s power — the same way intensive use of such features makes the needle of the fuel gauge turn closer to “empty.”