Sidney Powell Asks Supreme Court to Dismiss Her Case from Georgia

Today attorney Sidney Powell asked the US Supreme Court to dismiss her challenge to the presidential election results in Georgia.
The Washington Examiner reported:

With just hours to go before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, Trump ally Sidney Powell dropped her remaining challenges to the presidential election results in Georgia.
Powell on Tuesday requested that the Supreme Court dismiss a case that she had appealed up to the high court in December. The court last week denied Powell’s request for it to expedite the case, a decision that came nearly a week after Congress certified Biden’s win in the Electoral College. The Supreme Court also denied expedition for election challenges raised by Georgia lawyer Lin Wood and Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly.

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Of course Powell knows that there was broad voter fraud in the state of Georgia which ended up stealing the election for Joe Biden in that state.  It is unknown why she is asking to dismiss this case.
Powell issued the case in Georgia right after the US Supreme court decided not to hear the Texas case related to the stolen election.

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Powell reportedly released the following:

Powell’s requested dismissal of her case in Georgia is puzzling.  Has the Trump team given up or is there some other reason Powell requested the case be dismissed?

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