Serial Liar Adam Schiff Says “No Reason” President Trump Should Ever Get Intel Briefings Again

Rep. Adam Schiff is a serial liar who spread misinformation on the Russiagate scandal to damage President Trump. It was later revealed that EVERY bit of Adam Schiff’s accusations against Trump were lies that were debunked when the facts came out.
In one of his most recent lies Adam Schiff insisted the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was a “Russian disinformation operation.” DNI John Ratcliffe later debunked that conspiracy live on TV saying, “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.”
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Schiff has a long history of lying and not being held to account.
“It Turned Out that Statement Was Not Truthful” – Boom! – Trump Deputy Counsel Patrick Philbin Exposes Corrupt Liar Adam Schiff (VIDEO)

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Now on Sunday Schiff said there was no reason President Trump should get intel briefings ever again.Adam thinks Trump is the problem.

Schiff: “No reason” Trump should get intel briefings ever again
— The Hill (@thehill) January 18, 2021

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Notice, that without any social media President Trump is neutered from responding effectively to Schiff’s latest lies. The tech giants are the worst thing that ever happened to America.

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