Samsung’s S22 Ultra is the new Galaxy Note, and I’m here for it

For many years, Samsung divided its phone lineup with the S-Series in the first half of the year and the Note series in the second half. But after the company hinted it was abandoning the Note series to sell more folding phones in 2021, the truth is not so tragic for Note fans: Samsung is basically turning the Galaxy Ultra into the new Note, as evidenced by the latest batch of leaks.

We already saw the first indications of this last year, as the S21 Ultra supported a newfangled external S-Pen. But frankly, the fact that the pen was external and optional largely killed what made the Note series so appealing in the first place. It also meant you had to spend an extra $70 for a pen and case which made a giant phone even larger.

The S22 Ultra seems set to rectify the death of the Note. We’ve been hearing rumors that the S-Pen would be included inside the S22 Ultra since September, but now we have something more concrete. Leaked images from 91mobiles appear to be official Samsung renders of the device, which will include an S-Pen that looks much like the ones included with prior Note devices.

Credit: 91mobiles