Rivian hints at factory fitted wraps for customization

One of the most exciting parts of buying a new car is configuring it to your specification. Choosing the interior, wheels, add-on features, and of course, the color.

Cars have been, and probably always will be, extensions of our identity. Like jewelry that we climb inside, the cars we drive have the power to say a lot about who we are.

Sadly, most carmakers these days have a fairly limited color palette, unless you’re willing to pay big bucks and wait for a custom spray. Thankfully, manufacturers are recognizing that customers favor affordable ways of making their vehicles unique.

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Rivian, the electric vehicle maker backed by Amazon, looks like it could be one such manufacturer. Whilst its cars aren’t finished yet, they are in final stages of testing and the first deliveries are expected to happen this year.

For those putting orders in, through the Rivian car configurator, there is a choice of nine colors. Which is pretty normal.

Credit: Rivian