Rep. Ramthun Lays Out Evidence of Undeniable Voter Fraud in Wisconsin 2020 Election — Calls for Forensic Audit in State (VIDEO)

Back in July Republican Representative Timothy Ramthum joined The Gateway Pundit to discuss his call for a forensic audit in the state of Wisconsin.
Even in July there was enough evidence of likely fraud that there were calls in the state for a forensic audit.

Rep. Ramthun first called for a forensic audit back on July 16th and he continues to speak out against the alleged fraud. Ramthun told Jim Hoft and Joe Hoft that he has heard from several experts outside the state including Seth Keshel on their thoughts for the need of an audit in Wisconsin.
Ramthun also spoke in favor of Representative Janel Brandtjen’s announcement push for a forensic audit in the state. Rep. Brandtjen called for an Arizona-style audit of Wisconsin’s November election.

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Earlier this week Rep. Ramthun along with Wisconsin state Representatives Rep. Janel Brantjen, Rep. Chuck Wichgers, and Rep. Scott Allen released a statement calling out the latest Zuckerbucks venture the EOLDN announced earlier this week. The EOLDN is another Zuckerberg venture whose purpose is to stifle dissent among the masses who question the fraud in the 2020 election.
Rep. Ramthun is calling for a forensic audit in the state. He released a new video on Saturday where he recaps all the facts that support our efforts to reclaim Wisconsin ballots, and he also recaps the excuses used to obstruct the legitimate request for a forensic audit in Wisconsin.

It is refreshing to know there are lawmakers out there who still believe in this country.

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