Razer shows off a super extra mask at CES — I want it on my face

It’s a new year, but the same dreaded pandemic. We’ve been wearing masks for a long time now, so companies are trying to get creative and offer something unique by way of protective gear.

I’ve seen some masks that play on style and some on function  — like this one with a Bluetooth headset. Last night, Razer showed off a new ‘smart mask’ called Project Hazel. The N95 mask has an active ventilation component for breathing fresh air. Plus, it’s transparent so others can see your mouth.

The mask has an in-built mic and amplifier to convey what you speak clearly. And it’s a Razer product, so of course, it has RBG LED lights. They light up when the mask is charging or in low light to make your mouth visible.

The company claims that the mask is made with sustainable and comfortable materials for durability and ease of usage for long hours. It comes with a specialized case that charges the mask along with sterilizing it with UV tech.

Razer says that the ventilator can last for the whole day, and you can easily swap in new filters after weeks of usage.

This mask looks like a hassle with all the charging and LED lights. But I appreciate functions like ventilators a lot. I live in New Delhi, which is a highly polluted city, and that feature could help me breathe better when air quality is poor.

We don’t know if and when this project becomes a reality and what would this mask cost. But I hope it does because I want to put it on my face. Till then, wear other masks.

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Published January 13, 2021 — 06:39 UTC

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