Python is the TIOBE programming language of 2021 — what does this title even mean?

It was like the Formula 1 finale all over again. But instead of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, the popular Python and C# programming languages were fighting to get the TIOBE programming language of the year award.

In December, C# looked almost certain to win the crown, but tables turned by the end of the year, and Python grabbed the pole position.

For the uninitiated, TIOBE, a software quality measurement company based in the Netherlands, produces a monthly index of popular languages across the world. It’s based on the number of search results for a programming language across popular search engines.

It takes services such as Google, QQ, Sohu, Amazon, and Wikipedia to calculate the results. TIOBE uses “+”<language> programming” query and a special formula to devise these ratings that change every month. You can read more about the whole process here.

The programming language of the year title is decided by the jump in ratings year-on-year. Python overtook C# by a margin of 0.13% — almost a photo finish.

Credit: Tiobe