Putin Demands Biden and the West Provide Russia Security Guarantees ‘Immediately’

American Military News reports (in an article first published by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty):
President Vladimir Putin has demanded that the West provide Russia with security guarantees “immediately” amid spiraling tensions involving a massive deployment of Russian troops toward Ukraine.

Speaking at his annual news conference on December 23, Putin responded testily to a reporter’s question about Russia’s intentions, listing off a litany of grievances about Ukraine and about NATO.

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He also referred to a list of demands that Russian officials released publicly earlier this month which essentially call for a restructuring of European security and NATO’s policies.

“You should give us guarantees. You! And without any delay! Now!” he said, responding to a question by a reporter from British broadcaster Sky News.

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U.S. officials have said publicly that they were willing to hold talks on the Russian demands. Privately, however, officials in Washington and elsewhere have said some of the demands are either unworkable, impossible, or fundamentally contrary to Western values.
On December 8th Putin shared similar concerns and made similar threats.Of course, Biden caved then so he’ll likely do it again and Putin knows it.

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