Please Honda, don’t make another Cybertruck

In October, Honda announced plans to launch five new EVs in China under its new e:N Series of battery-powered models. 

And today, I came across a video that deeply disturbed me, to the point that I’m actually happy I hadn’t seen it until now.

Let me explain how these two are related.

When I first heard of Honda’s new e:N Series, I was very excited. The next-gen electric cars will use the e:N Architecture, an exclusively developed EV platform, they will come with the enhanced e:N OS, and they will feature a new design identity. 

At the Guangzhou Auto Show last month, Honda not only showcased the first two vehicles of the lineup, the e:NS1 and e:NP1, but also brought along three e:N Series concept cars: an SUV, a GT, and a coupe.