Pentagon Actively Discussing Requiring Covid Booster Shots For all Troops (VIDEO)

The Pentagon is currently discussing mandating the Covid booster shot for all troops.
Dr. Fauci is recommending booster shots for all people eligible and the Pfizer CEO is already talking about a fourth shot.

A reporter on Friday asked Pentagon spokesman John Kirby if the Defense Department is changing their policy on booster shots given Fauci’s recommendation.
“There are active discussions here in the department at the policy level about booster shots and whether or not to make those mandatory — there have been no final decisions made about that,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters. “Should there be an addition to that in terms of the mandatory vaccine requirement, we will clearly communicate that and be transparent about it, but there are discussions in the department about the efficacy of booster mandatory policy as well.”

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According to John Kirby, 90% of active duty troops are ‘fully vaccinated’ against Covid but only 74% of the military as a whole is fully vaccinated.

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