Pennsylvania Man Stuffs Ballot Dropbox with Handfuls of Ballots in Broad Daylight

If they can’t cheat, they can’t win.
There is a reason why Democrats want ballot drop-boxes and it’s not because they are necessary or convenient.
It’s because they make it easier for Democrats to cheat.

For months now The Gateway Pundit has reported on the ongoing ballot trafficking investigation by True the Vote in at least five battleground states during the 2020 election.
According to radio host John Fredericks, True the Vote has a whistleblower ballot trafficker in Georgia who is now talking to investigators. According to Just the News the man WAS PAID THOUSANDS to harvest ballots in Georgia.

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BREAKING BIG: True the Vote Is Releasing Ballot Trafficking Findings from Their Investigations in FIVE ADDITIONAL STATES!

From our own investigative reporting at The Gateway Pundit we now believe this was a massively organized operation by the Democrat Party in several states to rig and steal the 2020 election. We also believe that the proof is coming out soon on the ballot trafficking operations in several states.

On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Hoft interviewed Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Jake Corman. The Pennsylvania Senate President told us that there already was video proof of ballot stuffing in Pennsylvania.

Sure enough, we found the video of the ballot stuffing in Lackawanna County in May 2021 during a primary election.
PAhomepage posted the video in October 2021.

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