Pegasus isn’t all you have to worry about: Meet Cytrox’s spyware, Predator

Israel-based NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware comes first to mind when you think about notorious ways to snoop on people’s phones.

But there’s a new player in town: Cytrox. This lesser-known company was found enabling surveillance, in a joint investigation by Canada-based Citizen Lab, and Meta

In this story, we’ll break down the company’s origins and tell you about its spyware.

What is Cytrox?

Cytrox started as a North Macedonian startup, but documents reviewed by Citizen Lab suggest it has a presence in Israel and Hungary. Its description on Crunchbase says it provides “governments with an operational cyber solution” — quite vague.

The company is reportedly a part of Intexella — an alliance that wants to compete with the NSO Group.