PARENTS UNITE! Rockwood District Parents Walk Unmasked Children Into School

Attorney General Eric Schmidt called on Missouri families to report on schools that are violating the state’s ruling by continuing to enforce a mask mandate on children.
Eric Schmidt sent this out earlier this week.

According to Local 5News.

Schmitt sent letters Tuesday with details about last month’s ruling. Cole County Circuit Judge Daniel Green ruled that health orders issued by local health authorities in Missouri are illegal and should be lifted. He said the orders violate the Missouri Constitution’s separation of powers clause affecting the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

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Green ordered all existing health orders issued by local health officials are “null and void.”
Schmitt’s letter to health departments and schools demands they “rescind and cease enforcement and publicizing of public health orders, mask mandates, quarantine orders, or other orders that were declared null and void by the recent decision.”

On Thursday a group of parents escorted their maskless students into a local St. Louis County school.
The parents have had enough of the tyranny.

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