Paltry ‘Crowd’ Gathers on BLM Plaza to Listen to Sleepy Joe’s Inauguration Speech (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States after stealing the 2020 election with voter fraud in key swing states.
Virtually no one showed up to see senile Joe slur his way through his swearing in ceremony.
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Biden had ten times as many military men and women protecting his inauguration today like they do in any lawless banana republic.
Biden’s speech was so boring that he put Bill Clinton to sleep.

TRENDING: Joe Biden Sworn in as The 46th President Of the United States in Low-kEy EveNt

A very sparse crowd gathered on BLM Plaza to listen to Joe Biden speak.
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And we’re expected to believe this guy got the most votes in US history.

A crowd now gathered at BLM Plaza to celebrate #InaugurationDay
— Richie?McG? (@RichieMcGinniss) January 20, 2021


This is the “crowd” listening to Biden’s speech at “BLM plaza”.
81m votes? Like f*ck!#TommyRobinson
— TommyGirl (@IAmTommy1990) January 20, 2021

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