Oh Brother… Joe Biden Blames Q-Anon for Lack of Unity Behind his Historic Failures and Marxist Policy (VIDEO)

Joe Biden joined Democrat activist Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night for a rare media interview.
Joe brought a set of note cards to help him out so he wouldn’t get lost.

During the staged discussion Bide commented on the Trump Republicans.  Democrats hate that the majority of Republicans have turned against Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and crazy Liz Cheney.  The GOP was so much more manageable before Trump.
Biden is currently watching over the collapse of the Trump economy with record inflation rates.  This follows Joe Biden’s horrific surrender in Afghanistan and arming of the Taliban.  Up to 14,000 Americans were left behind and thousands are still stranded in the country with no support coming from the Biden regime.

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Joe Biden:  The truth is that before COVID hit, the Trump arm of the Republican party that seems to be the Republican party now did not even show up at the Kennedy Center… Bob Dole. We’re friends.  We disagreed but we were friends.  We used to have an awful lot of that relationship.  And it still exists except that Republicans, the Q-Anon and the extreme elements of the Republican Party, what Donald Trump sort of keeps feeding the, uh, you know the Big Lie.   It makes it awful hard.  There’s an awful lot of Republicans in Congress who would agree with that.



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