New Jersey Governor’s Wife Tests Positive For Covid after Returning From Holiday in Costa Rica

Phil Murphy
Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s wife, Tammy Murphy, tested positive for Covid-19 after the family returned from an 8-day Christmas trip to Costa Rica.
Murphy was harshly criticized for traveling to Costa Rica as Covid cases surged.

Governor Murphy has imposed some of the strictest Covid mandates on New Jersey residents while he jet-sets to other countries.
Only the peasants have to obey mandates and stay home while the elites travel to tropical locations.

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Murphy and his family have taken 3 vacations in the last two months.
“The Governor and First Lady tested themselves due to a recent known non-family contact in their home. Required procedures for reporting, case investigation, and contact tracing have been followed,” Murphy’s office said in a statement Sunday.

Murphy and his four children have all tested negative for Covid.
Governor Murphy said he will not quarantine because he is vaccinated against Covid.

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