New COVID Microchip Implanted Under Your Skin Will Show Your Vaccination Status

A Swedish company is promoting its microchips embedded in a person’s arm or hand to verify vaccination records.
The company, Epicenter, posted video showing how their implants will work with the general public.

The Daily Wire reported:

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A video from the South China Post went viral Friday for showing the microchip technology recently introduced by the Stockholm-based startup, Epicenter. The company’s “chief disruptor” Hannes Sjoblad demonstrated how their product, the size of a grain of rice, has been adapted as a Covid passport, implanted under the skin in the arm or hand.
Sjoblad said the company developed the tech for other purposes, but quickly realized it had potential for use as a kind of Covid passport, storing data about vaccine status that can then be read by any device using the near-field communication (NFC) protocol. “Implants are a very versatile technology that can be used for many different things,” he said, adding, “Right now it’s very convenient to have Covid passports always accessible on your implant.”

Beep boop beep: Your vaccination record has been verified 🤖
— South China Morning Post (@SCMPNews) December 17, 2021

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