Miss Tamagotchis? Bring this cute little robot friend into your life

When I was in my teens I desperately wanted a pet, but my parents wouldn’t allow it, so they got me the next best thing: yes, a Tamagotchi.

I loved it. It was my best friend for a while and I was feeling very attached to it. But then its constant demand for attention started driving me crazy, all these bleeps and bloops as it called out for food and petting made me hate it at times, but also deepened my relationship with it. Anyway. Soon enough, I outgrew it, stopped looking after it, and it died.

Do I still miss it, though? Yes, I do and I think I’ve found the best replacement for it — because now I’m an adult and I need something more advanced.

Meet the Eilik, this ultra-cute little bot that promises to be my next tabletop companion!