Michael Mann claims climate will climate change kills more than COVID-19 – Bjorn Lomborg Corrects: ‘COVID 840x’ bigger death rate

By: Admin – Climate DepotDecember 14, 2021 1:51 PM

Absolutely off-the-scale false:
Michael Mann claims wildfires, droughts, floods, heatwaves, and coastal inundation caused by climate
kill more people than Covid19
No. Just no.
2020-21 such climate deaths total 21,5002020-21 Covid total 18,100,000
Covid 𝟴𝟰𝟬𝘅 bigger pic.twitter.com/wY5NQUPHuo
— Bjorn Lomborg (@BjornLomborg) December 14, 2021

Here is full clip (@ 25:44): https://t.co/8bRm6YBi0I
Here is Covid 18.1m dead: https://t.co/miSUrLkSDB
Deaths from floods, droughts, storms, wildfire, and extreme temps from https://t.co/M8rMVqoX9I, here from https://t.co/hEYbOcAEqa, update of https://t.co/kJetO61F8J pic.twitter.com/hWhxzsIajl
— Bjorn Lomborg (@BjornLomborg) December 14, 2021

“If you look at the total impact of climate change around the world, wildfires, droughts, floods, heat waves, coastal inundation, climate change is already costing more lives than COVID-19. It is deadlier.” (25:44)https://t.co/SaoVG5nx84
COVID-19 = ~18m deaths
— Roger Pielke Jr. (@RogerPielkeJr) December 13, 2021


Cause of Death? Climate Change.
“Climate change is a killer, but we don’t acknowledge it on death certificates,” co-author Dr Arnagretta Hunter, from The Australian National University (ANU) Medical School, said. “There is second component on a death certificate which allows for pre-existing conditions and other factors.
“If you have an asthma attack and die during heavy smoke exposure from bushfires, the death certificate should include that information. We can make a diagnosis of disease like coronavirus, but we are less literate in environmental determinants like hot weather or bushfire smoke.” … 
“Climate change is the single greatest health threat that we face globally even after we recover from coronavirus,” Dr. Hunter said.
Your CO2-laden breath is killing people…science says so! STUDY: ‘Three Americans create enough carbon emissions to kill one person’ – Claim: ‘For every 4,434 metric tons of CO2 produced, one person globally will die’
Climate Death Certificates are Coming – Watch New Morano Minute

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