MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Isolation After Fully Vaccinated Husband Tests Positive for COVID-19

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is in isolation at her Lansing home after her husband tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday. The governor’s entire family is fully vaccinated and has received a booster shot.
Whitmer took the rapid test on Tuesday and came back negative but she is still waiting for the PCR result. Until then, she needs to isolate herself.

According to the statement released by the governor’s office, the entire family is fully vaccinated and has received a booster shot. The tyrannical governor is not experiencing symptoms.
Here is the full statement from the Governor’s office:

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Today, the first gentleman tested positive for COVID-19 after feeling under the weather. After the positive test, Governor Whitmer took a rapid test, which came back negative, and is awaiting the results of a PCR test out of an abundance of caution. Like so many families around the country, the governor and her husband took extra precautions to limit contact with others to stay safe over the holidays as they celebrated Christmas with their immediate family members in Michigan. Thankfully, the entire family is fully vaccinated and boosted, so the governor has not tested positive and is not experiencing symptoms. Until the PCR test comes back, the governor is isolating in a separate area of the house and has taken steps to complete contact tracing to keep others safe. Governor Whitmer will continue working with top medical experts and health professionals at the state and federal level to increase access to testing, secure additional lifesaving treatments like monoclonal antibodies and new Pfizer pill, and always encourages every Michigander to get vaccinated and wear a secure mask, like an N95. We wish the first gentleman a speedy recovery and hope he feels better soon.

Whitmer is famous for secretly traveling to Florida during a lockdown she forced on the rest of her state.

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