Meta’s first ‘metaverse’ app feels like a cheap Minecraft rip-off

The app is now available for free, but with a few caveats. You must be at least 18 years old and located in the US or Canada. Plus, you need the Oculus Quest 2, as the game won’t be supported on the Quest 1 after January 13, 2022.

Last August, Meta launched Horizon Worlds as an invite-only beta to let early adopters experience the virtual space, and even build new things with tools provided by the company. In other words, it’s like a shittier Minecraft VR.

You can watch a glimpse of what you could do in it through the video below.

While the trailer of Horizon World looks sleek, the real-life gameplay might be a little childish. Check out the footage recorded by the OtterWorldy YouTube channel below.

Some commentson Reddit also suggest that the experience was underwhelming. But all hope is not lost, the company announced a $10 million creator fund in October, so hopefully, some skillful developers can create immersive games for this ‘metaverse.’

But what’s available right now on Horizon Worlds?

Well, Meta is debuting a 3v3 laser tag game called Arena Clash you can play with friends. The company also highlighted some existing games and experiences, such as a city explorer called Wand & Broom, an arcade-style battle royale called Pixel Plummet, and a virtual boat ride called Mark’s Riverboat (not built by Zuck).