Lightkey Pro uses AI to know what you’re going to type before you type it

TLDR: Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software can predict up to the next 12 words you type in your next document or email, saving you loads of time when you write.

Back in 2019, Facebook announced it was making progress on one of its favorite pet projects, creating a wearable system that could type up to 100 words per minute translated directly from a writer’s thoughts.

Facebook still hasn’t cracked that particular code quite yet, but even without digging into your brain waves, technology has done a pretty good job anticipating your next move and trying to help you carry it out more easily.

We all love text prediction options when we’re texting on a smartphone — and now with Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software ($79.99, 52 percent off, from TNW Deals), that features comes to your word documents, using word prediction tactics that can have you writing and composing emails up to 4 times faster.

While your phone will suggest a helpful next word to complete your text thought, Lightkey Pro is in another universe of anticipation. Using artificial intelligence to assess your writing patterns and the contextual relevancy, Lightkey will offer predictions of up to your next 12 words, including punctuation marks. Even if you’re a non-English speaker, no problem — Lightkey works in up to 85 different languages.

For example, if you often include an opening email sentence like “thanks for reaching out and for your interest in our product,” Lightkey spots your tendencies, then lets you start adding the entire line with just a click after only entering a few letters.

While Lightkey is obviously never going to be 100 percent correct with its suggestions, it isn’t just idle guesswork either. In addition to studying how you write, Lightkey also scans the entire web, using neural networks to analyze writings to find complicated relationships across text fragments. 

Their service also includes deep learning of processes in over 60 different content domains, including technology, business, finance, law, academia, and more. So whether you’re a lawyer, a teacher, a manufacturer, or another professional, Lightkey has studied the ins and outs of those professions to suggest using industry-specific names and terms just right.

Lightkey works seamlessly with Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint as well as Google Chrome apps and others, and also offers real-time suggestions for misspelled words.

Right now, a lifetime subscription to the Lightkey Pro Text Prediction software is over half off its regular price, a savings that cuts your price down to just $79.99.

Prices are subject to change. Compatible with Windows only. 

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