Job hunting season is just around the corner – here’s 6 tips to get ready

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

And no, we don’t mean because it’s the holiday season. While festive lights and unexpected presents are great, there’s something else to get excited about this December, hiring season is just around the corner.

With hiring budgets topped up and ready to go, January and February tend to be the best time of year to land a new job. So, if you’re fed up in your current role, looking to make a career change, or just open to opportunities, now is the time to start getting ready.

So, here are a few things that you can do to get prepped for the new year and potentially a new job too.

Think about your career goals

As we approach the new year, there has never been a better time to think about what kind of career you want. Are you happy in your current field or role? Have your passions and interests changed? Is there something that’s missing in your current career?

Take some time to sit down and really think about what you want. If it helps, you can also ask family members, friends, or even a career coach for advice. It’s easy to just go with the flow when it comes to your career, but taking the time to come up with a clear and realistic goal can make all the difference.

Research companies

Why not spend a little bit of time this December researching cool companies you’d like to work for? Find out more about their company culture, benefits, average salary range, products or services, and work environment.

Make a note of any cool companies that you find and if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even reach out to people who work there through professional networks such as LinkedIn. Researching companies will help you to establish what’s important to you in your next role.

Organize your references

It might seem a little bit premature, but the best time to organize your references is before you even start applying for jobs. Write out a list of past managers or teammates that you could potentially put down on a job application.

You need to reach out to them to make sure they’re happy to be contacted by a potential employer. Having this list ready to go means that you won’t face any delays during the hiring process.

Sieve through your social media

In 2022, you can be pretty certain that potential employers are going to look at your online presence before inviting you to a job interview or making an offer. Take some time before the new year and look through all your social media platforms. Is your Instagram and Facebook private? Is there anything you wouldn’t want to share with a hiring manager?

Likewise, spend a little bit of time updating your professional networks. Update things like your Jobbio page or LinkedIn profile. Post links to recent projects you’ve completed and engage with interesting industry conversations. You never know who might be watching.


If you want to change direction or enhance the skills you already have, then you should consider upskilling in the new year. There’s lots of different ways that you can do this whether it’s by taking an online course, going back to college, or simply asking your colleagues if they can teach you a new skill.

Upskilling is a productive and valuable use of your time, showing future employers that you’re committed, self-motivated, and willing to invest your time in your professional development.

Make your health a priority

Searching for a new job is an exciting time, but it can also be hard on your mental health. Before you start your job search in 2022, make sure that your health is your number one priority. Over Christmas, spend time connecting with your friends, keep active, eat healthily and follow your self care rituals.

Finding a job you love is important, but you might face some setbacks along the way. Just remember that this is a normal part of the job hunting process. A job doesn’t define your self-worth and when the right role comes along, you’ll get it.

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