HUGE! Despite Total Media Blackout

The media did all it could to ignore the stolen 2020 presidential election.Democrats and Liz Cheney lashed out at Trump voters who questioned the IMPOSSIBLE RESULTS and witnessed the numerous inconsistencies and instances of fraud.
The 2020 election fraud has been well documented but COMPLETELY IGNORED by the mainstream fake news media.Mainstream outlets rebuffed accusations of fraud but NEVER ONCE looked into the accusations.
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Here are three of over 200 articles on The Gateway Pundit documenting the historic fraud in this year’s election.
New Detailed Inventory on Election Fraud in the 2020 Election by Deroy Murdock Provides Strong Evidence on President Trump’s Performance in All the Swing States and Overall Race

TRENDING: Roger Stone’s Wife Hospitalized After Being Attacked By Leftist Goon While Walking Her Dog

Attorney Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Document on Massive 2020 Election Fraud Involving Foreign Interference

2020 Election Fraud Benefiting Biden Occurred Everywhere – Even Hamilton County Indiana Reported Impossible Results

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On Thursday Trump-hater Frank Luntz admitted that 91% of Trump voters would vote for him again (probably higher) and 78% of of Trump voters believe the election was rigged and stolen.
This had to hurt for Frank to admit this.

WATCH: @FrankLuntz is forced to admit that over 91% of Trump supporters would vote for President Trump again
— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) January 14, 2021

Here is more proof of the organized fraud in the 2020 election.
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