How To Raise Bike Handlebars In 3 Easy Steps

Sometimes after riding for some time you can feel pain in your neck and back. You may wonder what’s wrong? Or what is causing this problem? How to raise bike handlebars is a most asked question we’ll answer today.

But a simple trick can solve this problem very easily.

This is what we will do in this article, reveal the trick that answers the question: how to raise bike handlebars.

How to raise bike handlebar

Why should you raise the handlebars of your bike?

Lower back pain:

If your handlebars are positioned lower than the horizontal line from the seat, then you will suffer from lower back pain after riding for some time as you will be leaning forward.

Neck pain

Leaning over to the handlebars for a long period can also cause neck pain.

Numbness in the hands:

Trying to reach lowered handlebars for a long time can also create numbness in the hands. But raising the handlebars of your bike can solve all these problems very easily.

Before telling you how to raise bike handlebars, let us ensure you that, some manufactures weld their bike’ handlebars not to move.

So, don’t get confused if yours does not.

Materials needed:

  1. Wrench
  2. Allen key

How to raise bike handlebars

Step 1: Figuring out the headset type:

Headset: The set of bearings that allows a rotatable connection between the head tube of a bike frame and the bike fork and allows you to steer the latter along with the front wheel.

Most of the bike offers two types of headset, threaded and thread less.

Threaded headset:

Threaded headsets are mostly  found in older bikes. Look for the stem that goes up from the frame, bending forward and then attaching to the handlebars.

Found it? That’s the threaded headsets.

When you adjust the height, the stem moves up and down a thread that’s cut into the steerer tube.

Threadless headsets:

Threadless handlebars have a large bolt on the top and two smaller bolts that assist in clamping down the stem.

Step 2: Adjusting the threaded headset:

Find the hexagonal shaped expander bolt’s head on the headset. Using the Allen key unscrew it to loosen the handlebars.

After loosening the expander bolt, using a wrench loosen the lock nut.

Now by standing in front of the handlebars and on the front tire, try to turn the handlebars.

Tap down on the expander bolt’s head with a hammer if your handlebars do not turn.

Now you will be able to pull out the handlebar stem from the frame by twisting and turning.

Now position the handlebar to your desired height and line the stem correctly with the front tire. After that screw the expander bolt to lock the stem.

Step 3: Adjusting the thread less headset:

Find the bolt on the stem cap that is holding the handlebars on the bike. Loosen and pull out the bolt using an Allen key.

Now remove the stem cap and pull out the handlebars slowly. After that add bike stem spacers over the bearing cover to bring the handlebar up to the desired height.

Then place the handlebar stem over the spacers and insert the stem cap bolt to its place.

See? It is very easy to raise the handlebars! At first, it may seem to be hard but with time, you will easily get hold of it!

Good luck!

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