How To Fix Bike Brakes | 7 Easy Methods

Who does not like to ride a bike? But along with loving to ride your favorite bike, it is also important to know how to take care of it and importantly, how to fix bike brakes!

As we all know, bike brakes reduce a bike’s speed and prevent it from moving. Can you imagine, what will happen if your bike brakes stop working in the middle of a highway?

So, it is always the best idea to know how to fix bike brakes before falling into any unwanted and embarrassing situations. Alright! Let’s get introduce you to all the steps of fixing bike brakes!

Step 1: Learn the basics of the brake adjustments:

Learn all the basic rules of brake adjustment so that you don’t have to run to a technician for some simple brake adjustments.

Step 2: Centering the caliper brakes and checking the distance:

Before fixing the bike brakes, you will have to center the brake.

But at first, you have to check if the brake pads have an equal distance from the rim. Squeeze the brake and see if the brake pads contact at the same time. If you see, one brake pad pushes the rim across onto the other pad, then they need to be centered.

To do that, loosen the back bolt, realign the brake and tighten the bolt after that.

Now, check the distance of the pads from the rim!

If still not adjusted, loosen the bolt holding the brake caliper and cable in one hand and squeeze or release the brake calipers slightly until you get them to a comfortable place.

Step 3: Adjusting the barrel adjuster:

If the above procedure does not work, then you have to adjust the barrel adjuster. And for adjusting the barrel adjuster, turn the barrel clockwise to move the pads out from the rim and counter-clockwise to move closer to the rim.

Step 4: Disc brake adjustments:

Disc brake problems, like disc brake, is rubbing, is caused by incorrectly aligned brake caliper or incorrect repositioned wheel.

Loosen the brake caliper bolts and adjust by moving the caliper from side to side. Then retighten the bolts and check again. If it does not solve the issue, try the process again until the problem is solved!

Step 5: V brake adjustments:

For adjusting the v brake, adjust the cable tension by holding both the brakes arm and releasing the brake cable.

Then release your hand’s pressure on the brake arms until the pads are at the right distance from the rim.

After that reattach the brake cable and tighten the bolts.

Step 5: Noisy brake:

If you hear a loud noise when the brake is applied that means you have got a contamination problem to solve!

The brake pad can be contaminated by chain lube, bike polish, fluid, or degreaser and cause a squealing sound while applying the brake.

Clean your brake rotors if you are facing this problem. If the pads are already contaminated, then try removing the pads from the caliper and carefully sand down the outer layer with fine-grained sandpaper. But if brake pads are showered with chain lube, then it is best to replace them.

Step 6: Glazed brake pads:

while riding a new bike on a steep trail it would require a lot of braking and the rotor will heat up and cause brake pads to glaze over. So, new bikes need to be broken-in properly.

Always break in the brake pads properly before hitting the trail. But if your brake pads are already glazed then remove them and sand them using sandpaper. After that break the brake properly.

Step 7: Fixing from water and heat:

Water and heat can cause the brakes to become noisy. It is nothing to worry about, as this sound will diminish as you use the brakes.

In case your brakes become overheated and the rotor becomes discolored, then it is better to replace it.

If you follow our guide properly, then you will be able to easily fix your bike brake. But if you lack confidence, then it is best to consult a technician!

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