How to easily set up a wallet for cryptocurrency and NFTs with MetaMask

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If you want to experience a metaverse, buy NFTs, or trade in cryptocurrency, it’s essential to have a wallet that’s easy to create and use.

MetaMask is a pretty popular choice these days. It’s free to use, and is available as a desktop browser extension and a mobile app. You can sign up to create a wallet to store your digital assets in just a few seconds, and it will also let you connect like the OpenSea NFT marketplace in a blink. Think of it as a single sign-in function — just like sign-in with Google, Apple, or Facebook.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind. Unlike the traditional combination of a username and password to log into your account, MetaMask relies on a twelve-word secret recovery phrase. So it’s important to remember this phrase or store it in a secure place.

MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet, so it doesn’t keep the private keys to your wallet. That means if you forget your secret recovery phrase, you’ll likely lose access to your account.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Go to MetaMask’s website and choose the extension for your browser. Currently, the service supports Chrome, Firefox, Microsft Edge, and Brave.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the extension, click on Get Started.